One Step Closer!

Posted by Shiyama Clunie on June 04, 2012.

Our first batch of Palo Alto’s new Distributed Antenna System (DAS) was approved in January, but our work is not yet done. In order to keep on track for rolling out the next generation in wireless infrastructure for Palo Alto, we are continuing to submit applications for DAS sites throughout the city.

We’re excited to have submitted the second and third batches of applications for DAS sites in to the Palo Alto Planning Department (see the applications on our DAS page FAQ). The second batch of 15 nodes will provide wireless service in the area of northeastern Palo Alto between University Ave. and N. California Ave, while the third batch covers 20 nodes to improve service in southeastern Palo Alto west of Oregon Expressway and east of El Camino.

Some of you may have attended our neighborhood Open Houses, which we host prior to submitting our applications.  At these Open Houses, community members have a chance to speak with AT&T technicians, real estate experts, and RF engineers.  They also get the opportunity to look at photo simulations of a DAS site and learn about projected coverage improvements in their neighborhoods.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the March 23rd Open House! Check our Community Calendar page for future events.

With these three batches submitted, we’re well on our way to fully upgrading Palo Alto’s wireless infrastructure. To learn more about Palo Alto DAS, click here. To get involved, sign up on the side bar and we'll be in touch.

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